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Intuitive Bone Readings w/ Ricky Tru Brujeria

    • Ricky has been a practicing Ancestral Brujo since the age of 12. He grew up learning the ways of Brujeria from his family Elders. He also studied Southern Hoodoo with a Manbo in New Orleans for 5 years and practices seeing both sides of the veil on a regular basis.

      "Ever since I was little I've been told I have a veil on my face, which means I'm able to walk with both light and dark energies. If you are willing, come seek the Unknown."

      His intuitive bone reading sessions offer a glimpse into the unanswered questions in your life.


      All readings include:

      ~Bone Throwing

      ~Naipes Cards

      ~Obi Casting


      15 minutes for $30

      30 minutes for $50


      Contact us to schedule a time: