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Introduction to Homeopathy

    • The practice of homeopathy has been in use for over 200 years throughout the world.

      While similar to herbal medicine, homeopathy offers a more subtle and gentle way of working with plants, one that is very safe and effective for people of all age ranges.

      In this special class guest teacher Sandra Cantrelle, a classically trained homeopath, will explore the history of homeopathy, discuss how remedies are made, and what the principles of classical homeopathy are that dictates their use.

      She will discuss different homeopathic products on the market, the use and care of remedies, and highlight a few remedies to look at in depth.

      Each attendee will leave with a remedy for home use and a better understanding on how to utilize this gentle and safe natural healing system in their own lives.

      If homeopathy is something you’ve wanted to learn more about, or gain a better understanding of, then this is the perfect class for you.

      Taught by Guest Teacher Sandra Cantrelle, Classical Homeopath

      Cost $25

      Pre-registration is required. Sign up online: