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Inside Beethoven’s Brain No. 2

    • Speakers: Bruce Adolphe, OtHA Artistic Director and composer; Michael Brown, composer-pianist.
      Artists: Michael Brown, piano; Miami String Quartet (Benny Kim and Cathy Meng-Robinson, violins; Scott Lee, viola; Keith Robinson, cello)

      In a continuation of the “Inside Beethoven’s Brain No. 1” concert program, “Inside Beethoven’s Brain No. 2” explores two of Beethoven’s most ambitious and powerful works: the extraordinary, monumental Hammerklavier Sonata and the profoundly personal Opus 132 String Quartet, with the transcendent third movement, titled “Song of thanksgiving to God for recovery from an illness.” Featuring performances by the Miami String Quartet and composer-pianist Michael Brown, Bruce Adolphe and Michael Brown host the evening’s investigation of Beethoven’s compositional approaches, offering insight into the nuances of the composer’s creative genius.

      Beethoven: Piano Sonata in B-flat Major, op. 106, Hammerklavier
      Beethoven: String Quartet in A Minor, op. 132

      Gourmet reception included.