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Illuminate - Northern Colorado Concert Band

    • The Northern Colorado Concert Band is kicking off its 39th season, which we have titled "Inspiration".

      The proliferation of culture, social movement, and ceremony relies on the expression of art forms. NCCB dedicates this season to revealing how music has and continues to inspire individuals and societies around the world.our music will present pieces that inspired actions and emotions throughout major events in human history. "Illuminate" is the second of four performances of this series.

      For this concert, we will explore the music of cultures from almost every continent, with selections from Giroux, Bernstein, Alonso, and Holst. We will also perform some good old holiday-inspired music including "Sleigh Ride".

      We will be providing complimentary food and drinks after the concert, so stick around to hang out with our musicians!

      As always, this concert is FREE. Donations will be accepted for NCCB and are tax-deductible.