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Herbs for Pets

    • Many animals have an inherent sense to turn to plants when they are not feeling well. There are many herbal allies that can aid in preventative care for animals and can aid in soothing symptoms for common ailments. 


      In this class we will talk about nutritive herbs, herbs for common ailments, and flower essences for dogs, cats, (chickens, bunnies, and horses!) We will also discuss the ways to introduce and administer herbs to your pet. 


      Each participant will have the opportunity to create their own flower essence blend for their pet.


      (This class is intended for info on general herbal health and wellness for pets and is not intended as a substitute for working with a veterinarian)


      with Clinical Herbalist & Eco Therapist Brita Latona @Brita.LaTona.Herbalist


      Cost: $30


      Class space is limited. Sign up today to claim your spot: