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Herbal Nootropics: Brain Tonics For Clarity and Focus

    • We are living in a time marked by divided attention spans, constant multi-tasking, and a cultural inability to slow down and focus. Herbal Nootropics are a class of herbs that restore, strengthen and enhance the brain's neural networks, allowing us to find deeper clarity, focus, creativity and memory retention.

      Join me in this class as we discuss the fascinating realm of medicinal herbs and mushrooms that act as deep, nourishing brain tonics. These tonics help improve mental abilities and performance, significantly reduce mental fatigue, and help reduce stress while activating deeper sources of energy.

      We will discuss this class of herbs, how they work, and different ways to implement them into daily life.

      Each participant will create their own custom Herbal Nootropics tincture blend.

      Taught by Certified Herbalist, Brita LaTona
      Price: $30

      Class size is limited to 16, you must pre-register to hold your spot: