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HandStand Workshop

    • The HandStand Workshop will cater to those who are brand new to HandStands or to those who have extensive experience with HandStands. Here, the focus is understanding our “Perfect Line” when performing a HandStand, exercise and skill trainings to help develop a perfect HandStand, specialized movements and drills meant to help achieve a strong HandStand such as specialized push-ups, static holds, wall-to-floor exercises and static holds, how to properly fall, and stretching that’s meant to open up the body where you need to in order to practice HandStands all the time. There will also be an introduction to HandStand Skills such as learning and developing the bent-arm press to HandStand, HandStand push-ups, and L-sit hold to bent-arm press HandStand. 

      Please dress comfortably. No experience is necessary, but we recommend trying Beginner Calisthenics on Tuesday's at 10am for strengthening & toning. You do not need any props, shoes or mats for this class. Feel free to bring a water if needed. Please sign up online before class.