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Group Breathwork

    • Join us for an afternoon of grounded connection and interconnectedness through our hearts. Using the breath, a blindfold, and intentionally curated music, you are encouraged to move the body, activate your voice, BE in your imagination, and simply rest in stillness.


      Breathing fully allows us to move away from the thinker/planner/ego mind, and to wholly connect to the inner knowing of the body and spirit, allowing us to move stuck energies and patterning held in the body. 


      The powerful breath can foster courage, creativity, and self-expression. 


      The three hours together will include an opening circle, a 1-hour breathwork experience, after-breathwork integration/art processing/journaling which will include an after-breathwork tea developed with clinical herbalist Brita LaTona of The Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary, and a closing circle. 


      “As your facilitator, nervous system awareness is paramount; therefore it is my duty to gently guide you through this experience through the encouragement of regulation and titration practices.”


      Please bring the following: a pillow, a sleeping bag/comforter, an eye mask (if you have one), a journal, and a snack.


      Led by Jaime B. Will @jaime.b.will


      Jaime B. Will (she/her) is a certified Be Free Breathwork facilitator, using what she has learned through the process of her own journey to offer space for others to be in their imagination, be held in their truth, and be at peace in their own experience. Her intention is to hold space with love and integrity, offer grounded connection through truth and vulnerability, and ignite transformation through breath. In addition to facilitating breathwork regularly at the Be Free Healing Center, she is a Reiki practitioner (Levels 1 & 2 attunement) and she is available for one-on-one breathwork experiences, as well as small and large group breathwork retreats co-facilitated with other Be Free Breathwork facilitators.


      Price: $40


      Please pre-register online: