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Grounded Wellness- Beach to Brunch

    • Experience the ultimate blend of fitness and culinary delight at Farm Fusion with our **Willpower and Wellness** class. Begin your journey with **Willpower**, a unique barefoot mind-body workout that strengthens you from the ground up. This invigorating class incorporates elements of flexibility, strength, and cardio, all performed on the serene beach by our beautiful lake.

      After an hour of refreshing exercise, immerse yourself in the tranquility of our garden. Here, you'll handpick fresh, organic ingredients that will be the foundation of our delicious brunch recipes. Guided by our expert chef, you'll create a mouthwatering garden frittata, a classic German pancake, and a revitalizing power smoothie.

      Join us for a holistic experience that nurtures both body and soul, leaving you rejuvenated and inspired.


      - Barefoot mind-body workout on the beach

      - Blend of flexibility, strength, and cardio exercises

      - Hands-on garden ingredient picking

      - Culinary session crafting healthy brunch dishes

      - Recipes include Garden Frittata, German Pancakes, and Power Smoothie

      - Scenic and peaceful farm environment


      - 1 hour of beach exercise

      - Garden harvest and ingredient selection

      - Brunch preparation and cooking session followed by dining on the patio


      Discover the perfect harmony of fitness and farm-fresh cuisine at Farm Fusion's Willpower and Wellness class.