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Getting Organized with Kellye Eisworth, 3 part series

    • Those of us who have a habit of shooting thousands of photographs or regularly rewriting our artist statements know that our hard drives can get messy quickly. If navigating the files on your computer feels overwhelming, this workshop is for you. Over the course of three sessions, you will learn how to manage your digital files, as well as track important information about your prints, sales, and more.

      4/9, 4/16, 4/23 | 1-3 pm (MT)

      Students will walk away with the tools they need to:

      - easily find files on your computer (like the final edit of an image or the most recent version of your artist statement)

      - use the powerful organizational tools in Adobe Lightroom and Bridge to manage image files (and how to apply the underlying organizational principles to other programs)

      - easily track inventory, sales, and current location of individual works of art

      - easily track details about call for entry submissions, exhibition history, etc.

      - record dates, edition numbers, sizes, and other crucial details about images and prints

      - quickly reference specific details about the materials you use and where to reorder them (mat boards, print sleeves, paper, etc.)

      Whether you’re an emerging or established artist, these skills are an invaluable asset to your professional career. Let me help you get organized so that you can spend less time on these tasks and focus on what really matters- making art!


      Timeline: 2-hour weekly sessions over the course of three weeks

      Suggested Materials: External hard drive, Adobe Lightroom or Bridge

      Skill level: All skill levels (some experience with Adobe Lightroom and Mac computers recommended)

      Class Schedule

      4/9 Session 1 - Storing and Organizing Files

      • Introduction and overview

      • Presentation:

      - Best practices for storing digital files

      - Building a framework for organizing files

      • Practice: Students set up this framework on their hard drive

      for next class: start sorting your files into the folders you set up in class

      4/16 Session 2 - Organizing Image Files

      • Presentation:

      - Using Lightroom / Bridge to organize your images (metadata, collections, color labels, star ratings)

      - Best practices for file naming

      • Demo: Lightroom organizational workflow (from import to final edit)

      • Practice: Students practice applying these tools while importing their files into the folders they set up in Session 1 for next class: gather any records of sales, exhibitions, inventory, framing notes, etc. you have to input into database

      4/23 Session 3 - Important Documents and Records

      • Review: Organizing images in Lightroom / Bridge

      • Demo: Workflow for preparing for exhibitions, calls for entry, etc.

      • Presentation:

      - The important documents everyone should have on hand (and how to keep them organized)

      - Best practices for tracking inventory and sales

      • Demo: Entering info into database

      • Practice: Students begin adding their work into the spreadsheet (template provided)