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Get Lost in Space! FCS Sci-Fi- Pops Concert

    • Get Lost in Space
      March 25, 2022
      7:00 PM
      Timberline Church

      Buckle up! Your Fort Collins Symphony will blast off on an orchestrated SciFi intergalactic tour powered by some of Hollywood’s most exciting and iconic themes, including: Avatar, Alien, The X-Files, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jetsons, Star Trek, AstroBoy, 2001, E.T., Battlestar Gallactica, 2001, and more. FoCo ComicCon will join the fun, so watch for cosplay opportunities. Stay tuned for evolving details. The annual FCS Pops concert is a favorite for all ages!

      Guest Narrator: Dr. Erin Macdonald
      Macdonald is a Ph.D. astrophysicist, aerospace engineer, Star Trek’s science consultant. She teaches STEM through popular culture, consults with science fiction creators, and hosts YouTube’s “Dr. Erin Explains the Universe.” Did we mention that she is a FoCo native?