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Foley Art Virtual Workshop | 10 AM

    • KaBoom! Zing! Clank. Screeeeech… Join FCMoD as we explore Foley Art – the art of adding sound to post-production cinema. Learn about the history of sound in film, and discover what tools are used to create the pew pew of laser blasters, the clip-clop of horse hooves, and the simple background noise of everyday life. Get ready to explore how a variety of sounds are made by Foley Artists and learn how to build your very own sound-creation tool kit!

      Registration closes 30 minutes before the program starts. Instruction for this workshop will take place live on Zoom on April 10th at 10:00am. Zoom link and information packet will be emailed to you on the day of the program.

      Cost: Tickets for this program are available with a pay what you can model! Whatever your budget, we want you to participate fully and comfortably. Your support makes a big difference for our nonprofit museum during these unprecedented times.

      Ages: Open to all ages; designed for ages 10+. Younger participants may require parent supervision and assistance.