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Evergreen Smudge Wands for Winter Solstice

    • Throughout history, the burning of aromatic herbs and resins has signified both practical and spiritual significance in our daily lives.

      Smudging, or the ceremonial burning of revered herbs, is a way to promote new energy, invite healing, set intentions, consecrate sacred space and invite protection. These aromatics also helped to ward off sickness and malignant forces.

      The dark winter nights and celebration of the solstice once called 'smudging nights,' called for such practices to welcome the return of life after the long, cold season.

      We will discuss ethical gathering from our abundant evergreen trees, the history and the healing benefits of smudging with evergreens, and craft our own solstice smudge bundles.

      Participants will leave with their own smudge bundles to gift or keep and directions for crafting at home.

      Taught by Clinical Herbalist Ashley Noack

      Cost: 25
      Class size is limited to 14, you must pre-register to hold your spot: