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Eva Gevorgyan & Tetiana Shafran, Pianists

    • The “Prodigy & Protégé Series” features the young Eva Gevorgyan (Armenia), Silver Medalist in the 2019 Van Cliburn International Youth Competition and Tetiana Shafran (Ukraine), Gold Medalist in the 2019 Olga Kern International Piano Competition. These young international stars will steal your hearts with their musicality and blow your minds with their technical prowess.


      The 2020 International Keyboard Odyssiad® & Festival, U.S.A., July 28 - Aug. 1, features five nights of riveting concerts by world-renowned pianists including Van Cliburn medalists: 7/28 Antonio Pompa-Baldi; 7/29 Valery Kuleshov; 7/30 Eva Gevorgyan & Tetiana Shafran; 7/31 Zlata Chochieva; & 8/1 Kemal Gekic. Daily Semifinal and Final Rounds of the LIVE Odyssiad® Competition are free and open to the public on 7/27 and 7/28. Check for details.