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Dreams Arising

    • Instructor: Debra DeVilbiss
      Sunday, October 6 from 12:30-3:30pm
      This highly interactive workshop gets to the root of what stops you from engaging your creativity. You’ll learn what prevents you from devoting time and energy to making your dream a reality.
      You’ll leave with:
      · Courage. You’ll recognize and empower your inner strengths.
      · More time to create. You’ll learn how to put yourself and your creative needs first.
      · Insight. The Dreamkillers are out to get you, and you already have what it takes to win.
      · A plan. You’ll know the next step and what to do. You’ll put action behind your words.
      We’ll cover the landscape of dreams and the battleground for your attention. You’ll learn your Dreamkillers by name and how to deflate them. You’ll leave with a plan and support for your actions.