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    • In celebration of its 30th season, Debut Theatre Company resurrects the undead of Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula, just in time for the Halloween season.

      Alarmed by a series of unnatural events, a web of fear is slowly weaving through the inhabitants of Dr. Seward’s sanatorium. Seward’s niece Lucy grows weak from an unidentifiable ailment, unfamiliar pale women have been sighted, biting winds carry howls across the moor, and bats are beating against the windowpanes. Wolves are gathering on the grounds of the neighboring Carfax Castle where a mysterious count from Transylvania has recently taken up residence. A name is whispered among the town folks “Dracula.”

      This October, spend an evening with the residents of the Seward manor as they delve into the darkness of man’s mind and battle against the curse of the vampire. Night unto night, the Debut Theatre Company will bring all the wonder, suspense, and magic of Dracula to the stage. A tale suitable for ages 6 years old and up, Dracula offers both drama and comedy fun for the whole family!