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Dome Art Night: Altered States

    • In conjunction with First Friday Art Walk, the OtterBox Digital Dome Theater at FCMoD will present 360° artwork from artists around the world!

      Can an experience in the Dome cause altered states of consciousness? With this collection of short full-dome artworks, dive into your mind with audio and visuals that are sure to take you on a journey through inner-space and beyond. Through morphing fractal landscapes, minimalist geometric dances, and more, you won’t want to miss this exclusive chance to experience these immersive artworks for yourself!

      $10/$8 for members. Pre-registration is recommended.

      Event Schedule
      6:00pm – Museum doors open
      6:30pm-8:30pm – 30 minute rotation of short films throughout the evening
      9:00pm – Museum closes

      Featured Short Films
      Brownian Motion – 4:20 by Benjamin Vedrenne, France
      Skylark – 4:40 by Jérémy Oury, France
      Immersive – 8:10 by Jérémy Oury, France
      Vortex – 1:14 by Aaron Brandbury, United Kingdom
      Isometric – 5:18 by Fraction, France and Julius Horsthuis, Netherlands
      Meaning of Life – 5:28 by Ken Scott, United States