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Discovery After Dark: Polar Bears

    • In conjunction with The National Geographic Photo Ark temporary exhibit, FCMoD is hosting a special speaker series, Discovery After Dark: Wildlife Conservation, in the OtterBox Digital Dome Theater. Meet scientists working in the field of wildlife conservation, and discover how their research on endangered species is saving the biodiversity of our planet, with a different scientist and different topic of conservation to explore at each lecture. This month, we’re exploring the history of the black-footed ferret and polar bears.

      Rapid loss of sea ice is threatening the habitat of the polar bear as Arctic regions continue to warm due to global climate change. In addition to the loss of habitat, scientists are also concerned with the reduced access to the polar bears main prey, the seal. Mike Lockhart, a retired U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist, has been engaged in providing assistance for polar bear capture and satellite telemetry studies over 11 different field seasons on the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas in Alaska. With the knowledge and expertise gained during his 33-year career working with birds of prey, resource development and wildlife conflicts, national refuge management, and endangered species recovery- Mike and other scientists and conservationists are doing what they can to secure a future for this charismatic icon of the Arctic environment.

      Speaker: Mike Lockhart, wildlife biologist

      Date: Thursday, December 20th
      Price: $10/$8 for members
      The schedule of the evening is as follows:

      6:00 pm: Doors open – the Photo Ark exhibit will be open to event attendees
      7:00 pm: Lecture begins in the OtterBox Digital Dome Theater

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