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Dimensions – Once Upon Our Reality

    • In conjunction with First Friday Art Walk, the OtterBox Digital Dome Theater at FCMoD will present 360° artwork from artists around the world!

      In June, experience “Dimensions – Once Upon Our Reality” a fulldome film by German visual artist Rocco Helmchen and original music by composer Johannes Kraas. Can a question itself be more powerful than its answer? What is “reality”? Are there other realities, universes or dimensions? These questions are almost impossible to answer — yet just asking them sparks our imagination. Using music, soundeffects and visual artistic interpretation the producers ask these big questions and transport audiences to fascinating worlds where they find the time and space to think and feel.

      $10/$8 for member. Pre-registration is recommended.

      Event Schedule
      6:00pm – Museum doors open
      6:30pm – First showtime
      8:00pm – Second showtime
      9:00pm – Museum closes