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Debut Theatre Company presents: James & the Giant Peach

    • Join young James Henry Trotter as he embarks on an epic adventure inside the world’s largest peach! Accompanied by a wise grasshopper, a loving ladybug, a melodic centipede, a resourceful spider, a pessimistic earthworm, a shy glow-worm, and a drowsy silkworm, they all set sail on the journey of a lifetime from England to New York, facing peril after peril. With clever plans and dashing good fun, their voyage into the unknown is strengthened by friendship, loyalty, resourcefulness, and hope. Will James finally find a place where he belongs, or will they all come to a sticky end?

      Roald Dahl’s beloved fable is full of fun, imagination, unlikely friendship, and an unlikelier fruit! This May, join Debut Theatre Company on a journey across the Atlantic. It will be marvelous… simply marvelous!