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Day of the Dog--Celebrating Our Best Friends with Story

    • Dogs—can’t live without them. Ever. Inspired by the Tihar festival in Nepal, Day of the Dog honors the love and loyalty and open heartedness our dogs give us daily. This is a fundraiser for The Street Dog Coalition which provides free medical care services for the pets of people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.
      Come celebrate your dogs with story, poetry, doggie bags and accounts of canine heroism and humor. Your dogs must stay home but send us photos of them, especially if you dress them up like the Nepalese do with flower garlands and vermillion marks on their foreheads and watch for them on FaceBook and Instagram. We’ll also have doggie bags to fill up with treats donated from local doggie businesses.
      Day of the Dog—Celebrating Our Best Friends with Story is the beginning of a tradition that will evolve over time but the heart of it is our bond with our best friends.