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CSU's School of Global Environmental Sustainability Managing the Planet panel discussion "Drones for Sustainability? The privacy, accessibility, and eithics behind BIG data"

    • The use of innovative drone technology, for example, has been expanding across commercial, scientific and recreational sectors, and provides new opportunities for sustainable practices in areas like agriculture, wildlife and energy. While drones are charting new territory on the ground, they are increasingly gathering and analyzing large data sets and are themselves becoming big data collection platforms.

      Big data collection provides us with the benefit of information needed to analyze large populations and expansive areas and to create more discrete predictive models. However, this benefit comes at the cost of privacy. Individual and data privacy, along with security breaches and identity theft, may be accompanied by discrimination and unfair use of the provided data.
      Panelists and moderator


      Dan Zimmerle, Energy Institute
      Raj Khosla, Department of Soil and Crop Sciences
      Sue van den Heever, Department of Atmospheric Sciences
      Moti Gorin, Department of Philosophy


      Gene Kelly, assistant director for research and development at SoGES, deputy director of the agricultural experiment station and associate dean of extension.

      The panel discussion is part of the Managing the Planet series. Visit for more information about SoGES.