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Creativity in the Service of Determining and Facilitating Goals in Music-Centered Music Psychotherapy

    • Speaker: Dr. Alan Turry, research scientist at NYU Steinhardt and the Managing Director of the Nordoff-Robbins Center for music therapy

      Music-centered music psychotherapy incorporates both the artistic and scientific components of music therapy practice. Based on the pioneering work of the american composer Paul Nordoff and his partner Dr. Clive Robbins, this advanced music therapy approach has a number of unique characteristics: it is individualized, largely improvised, and draws upon the innate creativity of people- both therapist and client- to transform lives. Creativity-combined with careful analysis-are integral components when assessing, intervening, and evaluating music therapy treatment. This lecture will include audio/video examples from music therapy sessions.

      RSVP requested. Free to the public; all donations support performers and our programming mission.