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Composition Basics and Tips Class - Intro to Photography Series

    • Instructor Steve Gandy

      Tuesday September 29 from 8:30-10:30am

      Composition Basics and Tips - Intro to Photography Series

      What You'll Learn

      Composition Basics and Tips is an interesting lecture, discussion, and slideshow on all the basics and some not so well known tips and techniques for improving your composition and thus your photos. Every successful photo has a great lighting, great subject, a great exposure, and a great composition. This class will help you see the light and use it and your subject to create the composition you really want.

      You will learn the basics of portrait, travel/street, and nature photography. In addition, we will look at basic lighting considerations both natural and artificial. Cropping as a tool for a second layer of composition control in the editing process is also covered.

      Send the instructor 2 images, if you would like to receive suggestions for improvement. Don’t send your best images, those probably already have a great composition...send ones that you like or you feel that are decent but that you are not in love with.

      Who Should Take This

      Photographers who are just starting out and hobbyists/amateurs who want to get better will benefit from this class. Many take this soon after or just before getting a new camera.