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Communing With Plants: A Plant Spirit Medicine Approach to Healing

    • Since ancient times, plants have been respected for their sacred healing properties.

      In this class you will learn about ways to engage with plants directly in a sacred way for healing on emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical levels.

      We will discuss the importance of intention, communion, and meditation when approaching specific plants for healing. We will also speak about the energetics of Plant Medicine, learn specific techniques to connect with plant allies, and take time to journal or draw depictions of the plants we connect with.

      We will meet at the store and walk to Lee Martinez Park where this class will take place! (Weather permitting). Be sure to bring sunscreen, a hat, bug spray or a raincoat if needed! Be sure to bring a notebook or journal with you as well!

      Taught by staff clinical herbalist Brita LaTona

      Price: $20

      Space is limited to 14 people so you must pre-register for the class.

      Please go here to sign up online: