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CollageShop with Tay Butler

    • CollageShop Tay Butler

      Workshop Description

      CollageShop is a two-part, 1 and 1/2 hour each session workshop and presentation about the medium of collage art.

      Part 1 consists of the history, applications, and compositions of collage. It will conclude with the composition of an original collage for each student. I will present a very brief presentation on the history of collage and highlight applications, methodologies, uses, and notable artists (especially Black artists) who work in the vast and expansive medium of collage, as well as cover some of my work and my connection to collage. The goal is to convey why I think collage is so important as an art practice, not only for Black artists, but the art community as a whole. This presentation will take place in the form of PowerPoint, sharing my screen with students.

      Following this talk, I will explain some of my artistic processes and methodologies. Approximately 20 minutes of presentation will lead straight into the workshop portion, where for the remaining 40 minutes I will watch students make their own collages, offering tips and tricks I have used and answering any questions or concerns every step of the way.

      Part 2 will continue where part 1 left off, but involve more technical collage methods and consider assemblage practices. By migrating a finished collage or isolated compositions to a flatbed scanner where digital collage techniques will be explored, I will then explore other ways collage and assemblage is created.

      Dates: 3/6 and 3/13/21

      11 am - 12:30 Mountain Time

      $65 for non-members and $50 for members

      Class size limited to 10 people