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Clementine with Feed Lot, Trees Don't Move, Wastebasket

    • For fans of Zepparella, Angeline Saris, STREAMER, Louie Austen, The Front Bottoms

      This five-piece, freshly squeezed out of Fort Collins, CO, consists of bright guitar riffs juxtaposed with heavy-hitting drums and lyrics. With an alternative rock, punk, and soulful grip on the music they write and perform, clementine offers something unique and diverse. Their energy is over-the-top intense, and their sharp, in-your-face presentation is something you just have to see.

      "Maybe they were like 2 years old when Green Day's American Idiot was sweeping the nation, but they capture that same upbeat alternative-punk sound and attitude. They bring a modern alternative edge to their sound too, citing influences like Young The Giant, and take pride in knowing how to shred just as much as any seasoned player" -Bandwagon Magazine

      "Clementine’s set was one of the best live shows I have seen in a really long time. The crowd engagement was fantastic, and they had a great stage presence. What I thought made their set especially engaging was how they interacted as a band. It felt like they were having a lot of fun performing, and you could tell by watching how passionate they are about their music." -KCSU