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Chamber and Concert Choir Concert

    • With CSU Sinfonia; and Jeff LaQuatra, Guitar
      Griffin Concert Hall, UCA

      The Chamber Choir, conducted by James Kim, presents J.S. Bach's glorious Magnificat with the CSU Sinfonia. This festive and immensely popular work is written for five-part chorus, soloists, and orchestra. Although more concise than his other monumental works such as St. Matthew Passion or Mass in B minor, Magnificat is still held in the same high regard as those masterpieces. From the brilliant orchestral opening to the jubilant and dramatic choruses, this is one work you will revel in from beginning to end.

      Join Concert Choir, conducted by Nathan Payant, on a journey exploring songs of discord, sorrow, healing, and ultimate joy. Program highlights include movements from Jeffrey Van's stirring “A Procession Winding Around Me,” based on Civil War texts by Walt Whitman, written for solo guitar and choir. The performance features faculty artist Jeff LaQuatra on guitar. The choir also performs “Healing Heart,” a new and emotional work by Jacob Narverud, which shows us that with every heartbeat, the pain of life's disappointments can be transformed into hope.