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    • Calisthenics is a multitude of free body exercises performed with various degrees of rhythm and intensity, displaying control in all of the movements. Specialized movements will be the primary focus, movements such as push-ups of different variations, sit-ups of different variations, and inversions. Calisthenics has been known to promote relative strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and cardio health. This type of exercise has been around since the 19th century, close to the time Gymnastics had been popularized in the modern century but it has been used for centuries in many different regimes. From the Spartans to the Yogis, to the Monks and the Militaries. This type of fitness training and its many elements can be found in many movements universally.
      Whether you have zero experience in Calisthenics or are very experienced, preparation of the basic necessary mobility in the shoulders and wrist as well as the strength in that mobility, are a key to your journey in Calisthenics and a key to your growth in it. That is a primary focus as it will help you develop a strong foundation for more advanced movements and exercises in Calisthenics.