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Brenda Biondo, Legacy of Shadows

    • The images in this exhibition are from “A Legacy of Shadows,” a series of traditional, non-Photoshopped photographs that evoke the fracturing of nature and the poignancy of acknowledging beauty in a time of destruction. The layers of shadows deconstruct/reconstruct the landscape while referencing efforts to control and constrain nature. By featuring shadows rather than the plants themselves, the work alludes to the greatly diminished state of the natural world—a world that is essentially a shadow of its former self.

      Biondo places rolled, cut, and/or folded pieces of blank white paper on the ground and takes photographs of shadows cast by trees and other plants in the landscape to create these images. The blueness of the shadows is a natural result of the geographic locations where the photographs are made since areas of high altitude and/or exceptionally clear air allow greater scattering of sunlight’s blue wavelengths, causing ambient light to produce colored shadows. The angles of the paper dictate the hue and luminosity of the shadows.

      Images in this series were photographed at high altitude in the artist’s home state of Colorado and at sea level in southern France during an artist residency. The images were made in wild areas and urban green spaces to acknowledge plants’ crucial role in cooling the planet and increasing the livability of the world’s cities. This work also expands the artist’s previous focus on atmospheric light and color by allowing the artist to document atmospheric phenomenon (the scattering of blue light) by looking down at the ground rather than up at the sky.