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Bow Wow Film Festival


      We are proud to present the Bow Wow Film Festival — the most celebrated dog film festival in North America! Join us for this fun and important event to celebrate our beloved canine companions. We are so excited about the movies chosen for the 2022 tour — you’ll laugh and cheer and maybe even tear up as we marvel at all the ways these beloved furry creatures touch our lives.

      All proceeds will benefit the work of Project V.E.T.S., a local eco-animal nonprofit working to heal the planet, one animal at a time.

      The Bow Wow Film Festival is a traveling film fest that inspires, educates, and celebrates dogs through the art of short film. The Bow Wow Film Fest features some of this year’s best pooch-themed short films all wrapped up in one beautiful, fun-loving package! Bow Wow presents an opportunity for animal welfare groups to host an event that generates awareness as well as offers a unique and delightful way to fundraise.

      Adults: $18
      Students/Seniors: $14
      Age 12 and under: $10