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Ayurveda for Women: A guide into female balance and cycle health

    • Are you seeking a deeper understanding to become more aligned with your female body and health? 

      Ayurveda is a time-tested medicine from India that is rooted in the understanding of our intimate connection with nature in order to achieve a life of health and wellness. Ancient Ayurvedic scriptures share that when a woman is fully connected to her body and womb in relation to the biological rhythms of nature, she will be fully balanced in mind, body, and spirit. From a western perspective, this means balanced hormones, symptom free menstruation, graceful menopause, and radiant health. This class will help you better understand the wisdom within your body and allow you to become more empowered in your health, no matter your stage of life or where you are in your health journey. 


      During this class we will explore:

      The Ayurvedic view of menstrual care and how to honor your sacred time of the month

      Understand your specific mind/body type and how this influences your menstrual cycle 

      Ayurvedic self-care rituals that helps heal adrenal fatigue and balance your hormones

      How to nourish your reproductive tissues through food and lifestyle

      Learn how to have a graceful transition into and during Menopause


      At the end of our time together you will be given an option for a menstrual (moon) tea specific to your specific body type or a wise womb (menopause) tea blend to take home!  


      Taught by: Ayurvedic Practitioner, Malia Eli 


      Price: $35