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Artified Naughty Tea Towels

    • Get ready for a playful and relaxed art class where students can let their creativity run wild on simple tea towels. This fun and casual session will guide participants through artifying the towels using a variety of paint techniques like stains, splatters, and freeform designs. Once the paint foundations are laid down, the real fun begins – embellishing each towel with a cheeky, embroidered “naughty or nice” saying dreamed up by the student themselves. Whether going for a suggestive wink or an outright bold statement, the possibilities are endless to stitch a personalized, tongue-in-cheek phrase that brings extra flair to the artsy tea towel creation. With no serious artistry experience required, this class encourages a judgment-free atmosphere of creative expression and hands-on crafting. Prepare to get a little messy while designing one-of-a-kind kitchen linens that are certain to add a punch of personality to any home.