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Anxiety-Friendly Improv

    • Experience the fun of improv in an accepting, anxiety-friendly environment!

      Learn how improv can boost your confidence and help you maneuver through your anxious moments!

      This improv program maintains a high level of sensitivity for anxious, shy or self-conscious people who want to learn improv in an accepting, low-pressure environment with “like-feeling” people. In this workshop, we will review basic improv tenets that can be applied to your life to increase self-acceptance, stay in the present moment, and help improve feelings of anxiety.

      Personal note from Stephanie: Improv as an art form, philosophy and practice has greatly helped me with my social and generalized anxiety and I hope to share this practice in a way that will be equally impactful for you!

      What to Expect

      In our workshop, we will start by chatting, then do some fun group warm-ups and go from there. Between each activity, we'll check in briefly to talk about what we did and how everyone is feeling. I will have a variety of games and exercises "in my back pocket" so I can be responsive to the group's needs and comfort levels. If at any point you need a break or feel uncomfortable, feel free to tap me and let me know - or just say it aloud to the group.

      Why take this course?
      - For fun and new experiences
      - Simply doing improv can help with anxiety
      - Having experiences with like-feeling people can be comforting

      Participants: Any adult (18+) who experiences anxiety, shyness, or high levels of self-consciousness who wishes to experience improv with a group of people (and an improv coach) who understand their feelings, in a supportive, accepting environment.