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Alumni Day In: Webinar- Water Smart Tips and Tricks for your Landscape

    • Colorado landscaping can use a great deal of our water resources. Colorado State University Extension in Weld County is offering a virtual class for CSU Alumni and friends to learn water smart tips and tricks for smarter water resource use! Join Horticulture/Agriculture Extension Agent, Amy Lentz to learn how to create beauty and biodiversity in your outdoor space through water conservation. Water Smart Tips and Tricks for your Landscape will cover general maintenance guidelines and tips for water savings in your landscape, including proper lawn watering, low-water plant selections, and creating sustainable spaces such as raingardens!

      Meet your CSU Larimer County Extension Agent:

      Amy Lentz is a Colorado State University Extension agent for horticulture, agriculture and small acreage management in Weld County where she works with residents and local farmers to address their questions and needs as they relate to land management, home horticulture, or crop production. Prior working for Colorado State University, Amy worked as a research analyst for the University of Kentucky in the areas of fruit and vegetable research, cut flower production, nursery production and seed testing. She also worked as the supervisor of horticultural farming operations at Morehead State University in Eastern Kentucky, teaching students the fundamentals of horticultural production and greenhouse management. Amy holds a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Conservation and Management, and a Master of Science in Plant and Soil Science, Horticulture, Nursery Production, both from the University of Kentucky. Amy has been in Colorado for about 4 years and has since taken an interest in water-smart landscaping, both for her constituents and on a personal level.