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Air of the Ancients

    • Reception January 20, 2023 6 PM MT
      Virtual Artist Talks March 11, 2023 2 PM MT

      In partnership with Artworks Center for Contemporary Art

      310 N. Railroad Avenue
      Loveland, CO 80537

      Featuring the work of Angela Faris Belt, Natascha Seideneck, and Melanie Walker

      Air of the Ancients Statement

      The air we breathe is the air of the ancients. Constants of air, dirt, fire, and water have cycled through natural processes for time immemorial. In recent times, two hundred years give or take, humans have invented and introduced previously non-existent materials, chemicals, nanoparticles, and forever chemicals that have irreparably changed the elements and the environment.

      Angela Faris Belt, Natascha Seideneck, and Melanie Walker’s work explore nature and the continuum of what was, is, and most importantly, what will be. We are in an uncertain new era of imbalance that we have created and now struggle to bring back to balance.

      While we continue to breathe the air of the ancients, most of us are questioning the future of the planet and ways of life, cycles of nature, and what we knew as constants that are no longer.

      - Hamidah Glasgow