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A Mandala-Chakra Journey Virtual Class

    • Instructor Donna Bearden

      Thursday January 21 from 9a-10:45 am Intro Class

      Continues 3rd Thursday every month (Feb-Aug)

      Virtual class on Zoom Platform

      Each chakra (energy center of the body) has a traditional mandala associated with it. We will learn about these mandalas but also use the energy and meaning of each chakra to design our own personal mandalas. This is an 8-month study/ meditation/ drawing mandala class with one chakra covered each month. Unlike other chakra studies, we will start with the heart chakra as that is the center of your personal body mandala. Then we will spiral out, covering 3, 5, 2, 6, 1, 7 and then return to the center, the heart, for our concluding class.

      Registration for the heart mandala class in January is open to all as it is an introduction to the series. As each of the following classes build on the first, the remaining classes will be open only to those who have taken the chakra intro class.