Gravel Cycling Guide

Fort Collins Gravel Cycling Routes

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The Dams, Pineridge, and Maxwell

This route has a lot of climbing for the distance, but you have to climb to get these views! The...

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Cement Plant and Taft Dirt

Follow just over 30 miles of shady dirt trails and gravel roads for more than 1,000 feet of...

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Black Hollow Reservoir Loop

Don’t miss this classic eastern loop out to the Black Hollow Reservoir. Sometimes there are buffalo...

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Lory, Horsetooth, Redstone Canyon

This is a perfect ride to showcase the amazing range gravel bikes can handle. The East, West and...

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FoCo Fondo 50-Miler

What can we say? This route is rad! It is a busy mix that will keep you on your toes. Once you leave...

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Great Western Trail

Find your zone riding this fairly flat loop. This route uses a lot of the bike trail system from...

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Soapstone Prairie Natural Area & Red Mountain Open Space

A mix of dirt, pavement, gravel, and singletrack, this route is a local favorite. Climbing up the...

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Classic Pennock Pass

This trail takes you from Fort Collins, to Masonville, then up Buckhorn Canyon, staying in the...

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FoCo Fondo Bite the Bullet Challenge

The FoCo Fondo Bite the Bullet Challenge is 107 miles long, with a majority of the climbing...

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200K of Awesomeness

200 Kilometers of mostly gravel, all from your door. Does it get better than that? We don’t think...

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Special thanks to Whitney and Zack Allison with Bike Sports Co. for their expert contributions to this guide.

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