200K of Awesomeness

200 Kilometers of mostly gravel, all from your door. Does it get better than that? We don’t think so. Ride through Park Creek Reservoir, Pain in the Ass Pass, County Road 82E, Prairie Divide, and Red Feather Lakes. Stop at the store in Red Feather for water and snacks. Manhattan Road eventually spits you out in Rustic for another refill opportunity. A fast five-mile jaunt down by the Poudre River gets you back to gravel for the ride up Pingree Park. The final big climb for the day takes you up and over the backside of Pennock Pass. There is water at the ranger station on the south side of the road a few miles over the top of the pass. Wrap back around through Masonville for a final snack break at the mercantile store before the last of the short climbs back into town.

RATING: Extremely Challenging
Length: 125 miles
Paved: 30%
Elevation change: 10,650 feet

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