While some among us rush to push Summer out of the way to make space for the upcoming fall fun, there are those among us who choose to slowly savor the final few days of summer. This one is dedicated to the sunshine soaking, cold beverage on a patio sippin’, get-the-most out of the remaining numbered hot September days, Fort Collins summertime lover. 

Ice Cream and Chill


 Nothing screams summer quite like a generous scoop of ice cream on a fresh baked waffle cone. And while there are no rules for only enjoying ice cream on a seasonal basis, enjoying cold ice cream on a hot late summer day is one of life’s simple pleasures to be savored. Fort Collins is home to a number of charming ice cream parlors, each offering a wide selection of flavors to please any palette. Downtown Fort Collins offers many delightful ice cream shops as you stroll through town. If you happen to smell the fresh aroma of delicious sweets while walking along College Ave., you are likely catching those appetizing whiffs from Kilwins Chocolates and Ice Cream.  In the heart of Old Town Square, Ben & Jerry’s offers up familiar flavors to enjoy while watching the kids play in the splash pad. Slightly further west of the square on Mountain Ave., you can find the Fort Collins classic Walrus Ice Cream serving up excellent quality in flavors and customer service. Last, but certainly not least, is the Old Town Churn in the Exchange on North College Ave. Their delectable rotating flavor selection paired with the family friendly, string lit-up, and lively atmosphere of the Exchange makes for a perfect late summer evening. 


Cold Beer on a Warm Patio


As long as the sun is still shining bright, which is lucky for Fort Collins to have at least 237 sunny days a year, very little can beat the relaxation of sipping a cold refreshing beer while seated out on a patio soaking up the surroundings. Plenty of breweries in Fort Collins offer up inviting patio settings that are open throughout the year. The incredibly spacious Odell Brewing's outdoor patio is a must for all visitors seeking the classic Fort Collins beer experience. For a smaller brewery experience in the heart of Downtown Fort Collins, Coopersmith’s Brewing and Equinox Brewing beers on a patio will not disappoint. The Coopersmith’s summertime favorite what-a-melon light blonde ale brewed with fresh watermelon juice is still available on tap. With more than 20 craft breweries in Fort Collins, there is no shortage of good options to satisfy that cold beer on a patio craving. Signing up for a Fort Collins Beer and Bike Tour is a sure bet to get an immersive Fort Collins brewery experience, all while getting great exercise too! 


Indulge in the Liquid Arts of Fort Collins

Beyond being the craft beer capital of the world, Fort Collins is home to some of the finest kombucha fermenteries, coffee shops, cideries, and distilleries.  While walking around Downtown Fort Collins, make sure to stop by Turtle Mountain Fermentery to try fresh kombucha, or Scrumpy’s Hard Cider bar for thirst quenching hard cider. Perhaps nothing screams savoring the last drops of summertime sunshine like relaxing at the Exchange sipping on  a classic coppermule, a refreshing vodka, ginger beer, and  lime juice concoction from Coppermuse Distillery. Gourmet loose leaf tea lovers, iced or hot, will love the vast selection of teas found on the great wall of tea at the Happy Lucky’s Teahouse downtown tasting room. The liquid arts are thriving  in Fort Collins and the end of summer is a swell time to sip on refreshing beverages of all varieties.


Picnicking in Fort Collins

Enjoying the outdoor fresh air in and around Fort Collins with a lovely picnic while the weather is still warm is a delightful way to spend a leisurely afternoon. Facilitating the picnic planning process, Fort Collins small businesses  like The Fox and The Crow, The Welsh Rabbit, and Get Plattered create beautiful charcuterie arrangements that can be ordered to-go to make for a beautiful spread of  fruits, cheeses, nuts, cured meats, honeys and jams, and more. For an even more hassle-free, catered and furnished luxury picnic experience, Mod Picnic Co. can handle the planning for all special occasion picnics, even if the occasion is a special ode to the passing summer.

With food in hand, you can make your way to Fort Collins City Park to take pleasure in a picnic on the grassy field or Poudre River Whitewater Park for a picnic along the Poudre River. For a more secluded experience, Bingham Hill Park, only minutes northwest of Downtown Fort Collins, offers a perfect picnic area with great views. Horsetooth Reservoir County Park also provides stunning views and space at the sunrise picnic area for a scenic picnic experience. Make sure that all that is packed in is packed out to help maintain Fort Collins’ natural beauty. 


For more picnicking recommendations, visit our picnic blog

If you aren’t quite ready for pumpkin spice everything just yet, there are undoubtedly a multitude of ways to savor a Fort Collins summer. And with the beautiful sunshine still gracing the weather forecast, there’s no reason not to spend a bit more time enjoying it while it lasts.