By Savoring Fort Collins

Fort Collins is littered with great restaurants of all kinds. Over the past few years we have grown accustomed to expanding our taste buds to include food from all over the planet. Burgers and hot dogs move aside as we take a trip around the world of food here in Fort Collins.

Lets start in the beautiful country of Vietnam. Located at 3307 S. College, Young’s Café specializes in Vietnamese cuisine. Opening in 1987, Young’s has accrued a smattering of loyal followers and for good reason. The Pineapple Chicken and the Pork Dumplings are favorites in this house but with such an expansive menu it can be a difficult decision each and every time. 

Next we head to Afghanistan for some wonderful authentic cuisine brought to you by local favorite Maza Kabob. Located at 2427 S. College, Maza Kabob is always great when you are craving something a little different. So what is Afghan food like? Our favorites include the Burrani and the Chicken Kabob. Burrani is a delightful eggplant dish that is enticingly addictive. 

Now we head South across the Arabian Sea to Ethiopia. Raska Sauce and International Cuisine is a wonderful little establishment at 128 W. Laurel. Lentils, Chickpeas, Plantains and Yams are just some of the great flavors offered here.  You can also bring home some of there sauce in jars and make your very own Ethiopian delicacy. 

Next it’s off to India for some wonderful authentic food. Star of India on 2900 Harvard Street is a local favorite. From samosas to soups this is a great place to warm you up in the cold winter months. 

We keep heading East to Japan where we can enjoy some of the best sushi around at Jaws Sushi. One of our personal favorites is the Buddha Roll and Edamame, both light and filling and are a great stop while cruising the streets of Fort Collins. 

Claire Whitworth-Folsom and Dan Folsom, co-owners of Savoring Fort Collins are amateur home chefs that love to experiment with food. Good beer is a must and supporting local is always important. Join us on our food adventure by following us on Instagram @SavoringFortCollins and checking out our website at