Fort Collins is the most bicycle friendly city that I have ever lived in. It is no wonder why it was awarded with the silver medal by the League of American Bicyclists for friendliest bike community. It was actually one of only twelve cities to make it on this list, let alone coming in second place. It is this admiration and appreciation for the wonder of the bicycle that has helped Fort Collins claim a spot in Outside magazines "Top Ten American Dream Towns."

And it really is a dream town. All it takes is a ride along the Spring Creek trail during the blooming spring to convince anyone this truly is a top-tier bicycle friendly city. Whether your out for a jog, on a longboard, rollerblading, or biking, the Spring Creek Trail provides the outdoor enthusiast with a very close personal look at Fort Collins. Along the Spring Creek Trail, you will find yourself ducking under the numerous overpasses and tunnels which feel like you might hit your head but are all plenty high enough, you'll be gripping your handle bars tighter as you bounce over the many bridges crossing the creek, you'll breathe in the cool vapors of the creek serenely trickling near by, and you'll find yourself overwhelmed by the picturesque beauty that surrounds every corner of the spring creek trail.

Bicycle Friendly City of Fort Collins

I have been a recreational biker my entire life and have done trails in New Jersey, Massachusetts, France and Spain and I have to say, the Spring Creek Trail is one of the best I have ever done. I say this because of how much the landscape changes as you ride along the trail. Most trails are beautiful and I can appreciate that, but that initial appeal often fades after the fourth mile or so. The best thing about the Spring Creek Trail is that it is constantly changing. Depending on where you start, your in the mountains at one point, in a field the next part, on the streets after that and then you end up at the very active Edora Park. There are things to notice (like the coolest back yard ever on the east end of the trail near Edora or the horses grazing by the creek near this same spot) and the ride itself is not very challenging. It is a leisurely ride type trail and it accomplishes that simple feat remarkably well, adding to the allure of the bicycle friendly city of Fort Collins.

There are five other trails in Fort Collins that are all worth checking out. There is the longest trail which is the Poudre Trail at 10.6 miles which travels along the edge of the Poudre River (NOTE: This trail often has a lot of insects and mosquitoes because of it's close proximity to the river, bug spray is suggested). There is also the Mason Trail, the Foothills Trail, Fossil Creek Trail and the Power Trail. You can get a detailed map of the following trails by going to the link below. Also, Fort Collins' bike maps are available at stations scattered through out the trails in town.

For way more information then I could ever provide on biking, hit up Fort Collins' extensive bike community page at