Outdoor friends are something that are abound in Fort Collins thanks in part to this being such an active city. As we get older, it seems more and more difficult to make new and meaningful friends. If you don't already have a group of friends, then getting out from behind our computers and televisions or out of our comfort zone is a little scary.

Meet Outdoor Friends

That's one thing that I really like about Northern Colorado Outdoors. We have a fun and easy social network in which to make friends with people who have some of the same interests! We have so much to do on the calendar these days that you can meet new people each time you go out! Some people like to bicycle and others like to hike. Some people prefer live music and socializing and others prefer being outdoors. We have such a mix of members and activities that it's never that difficult to meet up with someone that you share interests, activities, or ideas with.

It is the people that really make the club what it is, and we have a really wonderful group of people. Everyone is active, encouraging, positive, and fun! We all help and support each other as well as provide fun and interesting conversations. We are a community in the truest sense of the word, which is more important than ever right now. We all need some outdoor friends.

If you haven't made it to an event yet, join us for a Meet and Greet or another event soon! We'll be happy to introduce you to our members and tell you all about our upcoming events on the calendar. We also take suggestions! So, if there's something that you want to do, let us know and we'll put something together for you!