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"We offer a fun, lively environment for guests to let their hair down and enjoy an few hours of de-stressing! It's truly so much fun and perfect for date night, girls night out, team building and even children's parties! We have something for everyone."

-Rachael, Owner of Board & Brush Creative Studio


What makes  Board & Brush Creative Studio  "Board & Brush Creative Studio"?

Board and Brush is a DIY Studio where everyone gets to channel their inner creativity. We create a space where people can explore their imagination and create a piece of art that they're actually proud to hang in their homes!

Why should people visit Board & Brush Creative Studio?

We offer a fun, lively environment for guests to let their hair down and enjoy an few hours of de-stressing! It's truly so much fun and perfect for date night, girls night out, team building and even children's parties! We have something for everyone.


Describe the perfect visitor experience for somebody visiting Board & Brush Creative Studio.

Most folks come in after a long week of work and are ready to have some fun! We have music videos playing, beer and wine service, and tons of time for de-stressing! We'll walk you through every step of the process which includes distressing, sanding, staining, stenciling and finishing your project. You'll leave the workshop with a fully finished sign ready to hang on your wall or wrap as a gift! What could be better than music, enjoying a drink and hammering?!


What is the story behind how you started Board & Brush Creative Studio?

My husband Brad and I moved to Fort Collins in 2017 from Austin, TX. We handpicked Fort Collins for it's family-friendly reputation, outdoor activities and of course the infamous Old Town. We dreamed of one day owning a business on the streets of Old Town and as soon as we got here we began the work of finding the perfect fit. My passion for DIY and throwing parties made BIb the perfect fit for us! We quickly fell in love with the business and the idea that anyone could become a DIY expert through our workshops....and the rest is history! In September of 2019 we opened our doors at the beautiful Exchange where we're proud to be among some of the finest businesses that Old Town has to offer!


What is your backgrounds? Tell us  about yourself  leading up to this point in your life. 

I've always loved building and creating things. I remember being a young child and working with my Grandfather in his wood shop. We made all sorts of fun things and I absolutely loved working next to him. I carried that into adulthood and even though I had no formal training, I built all sorts of things for our home including shelves, headboards, tables and more! It bring me so much joy to create something from nothing. And having the opportunity to bring others along this journey is truly so inspiring.


What challenges has  your businesses had to overcome in relation to COVID-19? When presented with these challenges, how did your business remain resilient through these trying times?

Prior to the complete shutdown in March we were able to pivot to offer @Home Kits for folks to purchase. Of course once the stay at home order was in place, we were forced to stop all business. That was certainly a scary time. We had only been open about 6 months and were not sure if our baby business would be able to sustain through the shut down. We're so grateful things re-opened as they did and even though our capacity is limited, we're back to somewhat normal operations. We're so grateful for the way the community rallied around us and all of the businesses in Fort Collins. We would not be here if it wasn't for the incredible community around us.


What do you love about the Fort Collins community?

We love everything! We hand-picked Fort Collins after all! But seriously, this is one of the most welcoming and kind communities we've ever lived. When we first arrived we would just walk the streets of Old Town in awe of the detail and love put into every corner. The amount of outdoor activities and parks is crazy! We love being outside and exploring all that Fort Collins has to offer.

What is your message to the Fort Collins community?

THANK YOU! We couldn't do this without you and we are so grateful for your never-ending support and encouragement through the hard times.


Board & Brush Creative Studio

Address: 244 N College Ave #115, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Phone: (970) 213-1575

Hours of Operation: Varies week to week, check the Workshop Schedule.


Instagram: @boardandbrushfortcollinsco

Facebook: @boardandbrushfoco

Board & Brush

  • 244 N College Ave #115

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