"Peel it. Eat it. Repeat it." That's the Big City Burrito mantra, but good luck chanting it while you eat. Voted the Collegian's best burrito in Fort Collins since 2003, we're proud of our small, lime green "factory of delicious," but coveting food this good would be a sin. So get excited because I'm about to spill the beans on the best burrito that will ever dribble it's way down your chin and into your heart.

Easy to Find Big City Burrito

The clandestine green building is tucked behind several large cottonwoods on the southeast corner of Mulberry and College Avenue, walking distance from downtown. Worried about not finding Big City Burrito? Just go on "Phat Tuesday." With the famous Potato Burrito and a drink selling for only $4, there's guaranteed to be a line of hungry humans halfway around the block until close.

Even on the "not so phat" Wednesday through Monday, the burrito far outweighs its modest $6 price tag...literally. Big City Burrito is open 7am-10pm weekdays (that's right, they do breakfast burritos too!) and 8am-10pm Saturday and Sunday.

Anything you order from Big City Burrito will fulfill the deepest desires of your palate, so don't overthink the ordering process. Indecisive? Then follow my lead. In all honesty you can not go wrong when ordering from Big City Burrito. The food is extremely delicious!

"Yes, I'd like a Potato Burrito on Jalapeño-Cheddar tortilla please." Add carnitas, ranch dressing, Pico de Gallo salsa, and the mind-bogglingly good Strawberry Habañero sauce (don't worry, it's more sweet than hot...but get it on the side if you're hesitant), and you're set! All you have to do is Peel it. Eat it. Repeat it.