Fort Collins is known to be vibrant, eclectic and authentic due in part to being a town that consistently tops “best of” lists year after year. Fort Collins has a myriad of cultural and unique characteristics, and now an incredible sense of fashion and style can be included. Recently Fort Collins landed on Expedia’s reputable list of 26 MOST STYLISH CITIES IN THE US RIGHT NOW.

When talking with the author of the article, Lily Rogers, had this to say about the Choice City, “Fort Collins embodies a livable, deceptively effortless sense of style. The fashion design program at CSU is producing a new generation of fashion innovators, but it’s easy to find unique looks everywhere in the city. With boutiques offering fresh fashion choices and the charmingly Instagrammable town serving up fashion shoot-worthy backdrops, Fort Collins flaunts its good taste with ease.”

The article states:

Colorado State University, home to the Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising, is a top-rated fashion design school and the center of Fort Collins fashion. The beautiful Old Town, from which Disneyland took its inspiration for Main Street, provides aesthetic inspiration, from the attractively vintage Birney Car trolley to the various historical attractions throughout town.

See and be seen:

The Jessup Artisan Village offers places to spruce up, such as Lucky 27 Barbershop and HEYDAY boutique with its livable, cool clothing.

Magnolia Moon brings the bohemian romance, and even the tots in town stay hip at stores like Clothes Pony.

Stay in style:

The iconic Armstrong Hotel boasts the ultra-attractive architecture of the 1920s with updated interiors that are streamlined and modern.