Fort Collins in the Spotlight: Best of 2014

There were plenty of great Fort Collins stories in 2014, a year that seems to be filled with headlines such as “Selena Gomez un-follows everyone on Instagram”, “Brittany Spears Shaves Her Head”, “Juan Pablo Won't Say ‘I Love You’ and Fort Collins, CO, has snuck in there a few times also! Here are eight of our favorite Fort Collins stories of the year:

  1. “Fort Collins, Colorado  Is America’s Most Satisfied City” in Time Magazine
    According to the 2014 Gallup Poll, Fort Collins was rated the “Most Satisfied City” in America, and it's not hard to see why. With over 300 days of sunshine per year, magnificent outdoor recreation, a rich craft culture and some of the friendliest people in the country, we find that it’s pretty typical to be happy here. In fact, over 94% of residents in Fort Collins say they are satisfied with Fort Collins…. And that count goes for visitors as well! Now there's one of those great Fort Collins stories!
  2. “Colorado is a bustling bastion for biking – and brewing” in the New York Post
    Chris Bunting wrote an excellent recap of the Colorado brewing and bike scene which is largely based right here in Fort Collins. With over 70% of Colorado’s craft beer pouring out of Fort Collins (and Colorado making 10% of the nation's craft beer) we like to think we know a thing or two about brewing, and well…biking of course. Chris shouts out some of his favorite ways to experience what the buzz is about including where to “grab some wheels”, “roll” and “kickstand-n-crash” here in Fort Collins.
  3. “Fresh Places” in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine (October)
    Listed in the October issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, Fort Collins is featured as a “Fresh Place”. Pick up your copy and find out what makes Fort Collins so unique and fresh with mentions of Branch Out Cider Co., StuffnMallows, Wolverine Farm bookshop and more.
  4. USA TODAY’s 10 Best: “#2 Best Cycling Town”
    Chosen by readers of USA TODAY and 10 Best, Fort Collins was named the #2 Best Cycling Town in the US for 2014 and we definitely take pride in that.  With over 200 miles of bike lanes, trails, and paths, annual bike events such as Tour de Fat and Bike-in Cinema nights, it's no wonder that Fort Collins lays claim to this title.
  5. Explore Colorado w/ Jennifer Broome: Horsetooth Rock Hike
    If you love hiking, Horsetooth Rock is a must see/do during your visit to Fort Collins, and Jennifer Broome with KDVR can show you why. This Explore Colorado piece was done in summer 2014 and takes you along the way of the Horsetooth Hiking Trail, all the way to the top where you can get the best view in the area (Horsetooth Rock in the highest point along Fort Collins’ front range).
  6. “Boom Towns” in Entrepreneur Magazine
    Fort Collins was named as a Boom Town for the niche industry of “Beers and Spirits” in this 2014 Entrepreneur Magazine article.  With Fort Collins being home to one of the largest craft breweries in the U.S (New Belgium), over 20 craft breweries in total and distilleries popping up everywhere, we have made this niche into a booming industry here in Fort Collins.
  7. “Booze Bucket List- 7 Places You Must Visit for Epic Drinks in Colorado” on Examiner
    Shannon Kaiser has explored the niche area of Beer and Distilleries further in her October 2014 article giving a sneak peek to the top 7 places to visit for tasty libations in Colorado….and Fort Collins is home to five of them! With a good mix of breweries, cideries, restaurants and more, this list gives a good variety so that you can fit these drinks into your itinerary.
  8. “6 Ways to Consider Fort Collins, Colorado” on Traveling Mom
    This family-focused article by Christine Tibbetts explains six new and exciting ways to consider Fort Collins, and all of them give light to the family-friendly nature of Fort Collins. Christine describes the uniqueness of the community through “A Mindful Vibe”, “Beer and Bicycles”,  “Scenic Wonders”, “Art and Music”, and “Museums and Gardens”. These are Fort Collins stories that captured her attention in the most surprising ways.