Welcome to Fort Collins Community Connections. This is a recurring blog from Visit Fort Collins where we introduce you to incredible local businesses and their owners and share their connection to Fort Collins. This week we spoke with Grant and Julia Houx, owners of St. Peter's Fly Shop.

St. Peter's Fly Shop is home to many educated anglers that offer an extreme amount of attention to detail to ensure people will have an unforgettable angling experience. They have a unique selection of fly fishing gear and accessories that cater to any level of fishermen from beginner to expert. St. Peter's Fly Shop has two locations in Fort Collins, one in Old Town and one on the south side of the city.

What do you love about Fort Collins?

The community and close proximity to the outdoors. (Old Town Fort Collins is literally within 15 miles of the mountains and the Cache la Poudre River Canyon with the Poudre River running through the middle of town. Talk about plenty of opportunity for fishing!)


What makes St. Peter's Fly Shop unique?

St. Peter's Fly Shop offers a specialty locally-owned and operated business with staff that is knowledgeable and willing to help. Fly fishing is our passion and we enjoy sharing it with others. Both locations are in old historic homes that offer a unique shopping experience. 


Fort Collins Community Connections: St. Peter's Fly Shop

What are some of your favorite things to do in Fort Collins?

Our perfect day spent around Fort Collins would be to start the morning mountain biking or hiking in Lory State Park. Then cool off in the Cache la Poudre Canyon, fly fishing pristine clear water for trout. Head back into town for a cold beer at one of our many local breweries, followed by dinner downtown. 



How did you get into the Fly Fishing business?

2017 will mark the 25th anniversary for St. Peter's Fly Shop, of which has been owned by our family for 10 years. While going to CSU, I (Grant) guided for the fly shop in the summer, getting an education while also pursuing my passion of fly fishing. I (Julia) was an apparel and merchandising major and worked in the banking field while going to school. When St. Peter's went up for sale we put our knowledge and experiences together and purchased the business. 10 years later we are happy to be a part of the Fort Collins community and the support it offers us. 


Tell us about yourselves...

Grant grew up in New Mexico while Julia grew up in Texas. Both of us are graduates of Colorado State University. Grant's father has been a huge support in the business, and has been a big fly fishing influence in Grant's life growing up.


What does St. Peter's Fly Shop offer to those who visit?

A friendly welcome atmosphere with people sharing what they love to do.

St. Peter's Fly Shop

Old Town location:
Address: 202 Remington St. Fort Collins, CO 80524
Phone: (970) 498-8968
Email: shop@stpetes.com
Hours of Operation:
Summer (Apr-Sept)           Winter (Oct-Mar)
Mon - Sat  9:00-6:00              Mon - Sat  10:00-6:00
Sunday     10:00-4:00             Sunday      closed
Website: www.stpetes.com
Twitter: @StPetersFlyShop
Facebook: @StPetersFlyShop
Instagram: @stpetesflyshop

South location:
Address: 2008 E. Harmony Rd. Fort Collins, CO 80528
Phone: (970) 377-3785
Email: shop@stpetes.com
Hours of Operation:
Summer (Apr-Sept)          Winter (Oct-Mar)
Monday      closed                     Monday      closed
Tues - Sat  9:00-6:00             Tues - Sat  10:00-6:00
Sunday      10:00-4:00           Sunday      10:00-4:00
Website: www.stpetes.com
Twitter: @StPetersFlyShop
Facebook: @StPetersFlyShop
Instagram: @stpetesflyshop

(Photos courtesy of St. Peter's Fly Shop)