Fort Collins Wedding Association (FCWA) is a group of elite wedding and event professionals in the area who maintain a consistent standard of quality and attention to detail. They can be trusted to handle every aspect of your wedding or any other important event in a professional manner.  FCWA is a one-stop resource for planning the wedding of your dreams.

When selecting which companies you will be hiring to make your wedding day perfect, it’s very important that you are able to put your full trust in these professionals. Micro-managing your own wedding is stressful, which can negatively affect your photos and your experience of the day.  You've paid all these people to execute your vision of the day so you can put your focus on celebrating your marriage.

Trust your vendors.

Alcohol/ Beverage:

Wilbur’s Total Beverage - http://www.wilburstotalbeverage.com/

DJ, Music, Master of Ceremonies:

Colorado Sound DJ - http://www.coloradosounddj.com/

Ron Michaels Weddings - http://www.ronmichaelsweddings.com/

Funky Business - http://www.funkybusiness.band/

The inspiration of live music is unmatched.  Funky Business is a premier full-service wedding band, customizing the perfect experience for your celebration.  From ceremony music to a full party band, the talent and variety of what we offer is endless. Whether you envision a classy cocktail hour or a monumental bash, we provide a natural environment of interaction and energy.  

Our favorite time of the night is starting out with your special dances.  Feel free to get creative with this time!  If you’re the bold type who wants to choreograph first dance moves, we’ll rock out with you!  If you’re feeling a little bit uneasy about having all of the attention, we can help morph a first dance into all guest participation.  However you decide to get the party started, let’s elevate your reception to epic status!  

Dress/ Attire:

Dora Grace Bridal - http://www.doragrace.com/

Al’s Formal Wear - https://www.alsformalwear.com/

Event Planner:

Pink Diamond Events - http://www.apinkdiamondevent.com/

Pink Diamond Events helps busy brides and grooms who are struggling to balance their active lifestyle with the demands of planning a wedding, get back to enjoying their engagement again, without dropping the ball on their big day. What allows them to do this is our systematic approach to planning weddings that makes the process a breeze for their clients! Because of this, couples who work with Pink Diamond Events aren’t drowning in to-do lists and can continue to enjoy their active lifestyle while still planning a flawless wedding.

Event Rentals:

Flexx Productions-

RC Special Events - http://www.rcspecialevents.com/


Bloom Flower Shop & Market

Bliss Wedding Florist - http://www.blissweddingflorist.com/

Bliss Wedding Florist is a small wedding flower boutique located in Fort Collins, Colorado. We pride ourselves on authenticity, quality, and lasting relationships with our couples. We have two unbelievable wedding consultants that are here to help guide each couple in their wedding flower decisions! The freshness and pricing of our flowers are incomparable to any other floral boutique located in Northern Colorado. We are here to help wedding flower dreams come true! 

While weddings have so many small attributes that make them up, we encourage all of our couple’s to be bold with their flowers. Don’t be afraid to branch out with various varieties of flowers, colors, and textures. So, let’s dive into some fun flowers together! 

Finishing Touches - http://www.finishingtouchescolorado.com/


Mark Creery Photography - https://www.markcreeryphotography.com/

Mark has been a full-time wedding photographer for 13 years, with a photojournalistic approach that captures a couple’s personalities while showcasing the surroundings, like those in beautiful Fort Collins.

Sarah Lee Welch Weddings - https://sarahleewelchweddings.com/

Sarah Lee Welch Weddings is based in Northern Colorado and has been in business for over 16 years. We gravitate towards luxurious weddings for adventurous couples and enjoy celebrating with them all around the world. True love lasts forever, we are here to ensure that your wedding love story does too!

Our wedding planning tip: Plan for extra time in all aspects of your wedding day. From getting ready, to travel, to the ceremony, to reception events, etc. The worst is to be so rushed around that you’re stressed out, running from one thing to the next, or even late. If you plan for an extra 15 minutes for each event/task, you will find that you will be able to leisurely relax and enjoy your entire day. There will be a bit of time to be spontaneous and plenty of time to visit, mingle and cherish each moment with your loved ones.  


Block One Events - 

Anheuser-Busch Tour Center & Biergarten -

The Elizabeth Hotel -