As we bid farewell to 2023, let's set our sights on a vibrant and fulfilling 2024 in Fort Collins. Embrace the possibilities of the new year with these inspiring resolutions, each paired with how the city can support your journey to success and positive change!


1. Embrace Fitness in the Great Outdoors

Fat Biking Horsetooth

Fort Collins, ranked among the top 10 places for physical fitness in 2021, invites you to explore its world-class outdoor activities. Whether it's hiking, biking, fishing, or snowshoeing, the city offers year-round health-boosting outdoor adventures to keep you smiling.


2. Cultivate Healthier Eating Habits


Indulge in Fort Collins' local healthy dining scene, known for sustainability and farm-to-table options. From The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm to Tasty Harmony's fresh vegan delights, you can savor nutritious and delicious meals at local restaurants without sacrificing the joy of dining out.


3. Spend Quality Time with Family

Kids on Swing KOA

Fort Collins is an outdoor recreation paradise that beckons families to explore. Discover the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, enjoy local parks, and cap off the day at family-friendly breweries, making every moment together memorable.


4. Explore New Destinations

Linden Hotel sunrise

With easy airport access (only 60 miles away from Denver International Airport) and a variety of activities and attractions, Fort Collins makes venturing to new places a breeze. From historic landmarks to modern amenities, our city is sure to be an effortless and obvious choice for a vacation destination in 2024. Click here to find your perfect accommodations for 2024!


5. Diminish Stress

Yoga on the Rocks

Unwind in Fort Collins by immersing yourself in nature - take a breather and discover serenity amid the beautiful Colorado outdoors. Afterwards, indulge in the offerings of craft breweries, distilleries, wineries, and cider houses. If drinking isn’t your way to unwind, then check out the city’s spas!


6. Dig Deeper into Fort Collins’ History and Hidden Gems

Girl at the Museum  of Discovery

Dive into Fort Collins' rich culture and history through expert-guided tours, visits to Colorado State University, a self-guided historic walking tour, or exploration of local museums. Let the city surprise you with hidden gems and opportunities to learn something new.


7. Save Money with Affordable Adventures

Man overlooking Horsetooth Reservior, Fort Collins

Fort Collins caters to budget-conscious travelers with free attractions, budget-friendly dining options, and serene natural areas. Plan a cost-effective trip focused on outdoor exploration, camping, and scenic mountain canyons.


8. Give Back Through Volunteerism

CSU Football Game Day

Join Fort Collins' vibrant volunteering culture by dedicating time at places like the FoCo Café, the city's first non-profit restaurant. Contribute to building community while enjoying the fulfillment of serving nutritious meals to those in need.


9. Embark on a Learning Journey

CSU Oval

Fort Collins, home to Colorado State University, invites you to explore the campus and tap into the city's educational vibrancy. Immerse yourself in a community that values knowledge and personal growth. Sign up for a tour here!


10. Embrace Sustainable Living

Garbage Garage Exterior

Learn about eco-friendly practices in Fort Collins, a leading sustainable community. From electric vehicle charging stations to an abundance of recycling options, be inspired to live a greener life with a visit to this three-star rated sustainable city.